Condi Watch
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A good post relating to Condoleezza Rice by Joanne Jacobs. It's a good example of "soft bigotry" - Rice isn't a "good black" because she is well spoken. Remember the days when it was the KKK who claimed blacks were incapable of becoming educated?

Condi Rice is a Black American Princess, a dutiful daughter raised to refute white stereotypes, writes Adrienne Crew in Salon.

Well, maybe Rice is a "BAP," but so what? She really is an intelligent, successful, self-disciplined striver. That's the authentic Rice. Why sneer because she speaks standard English -- and Russian?

Crew thinks Rice is trapped behind a "cheerful BAP mask of perfection," which leads to this peculiar paragraph:

I wonder if this is one of the reasons why Rice, like so many other tough-minded BAPs I know, has such a strong religious faith. The Lord is an excellent confidant when someone feels misunderstood. I pray that her Christian compunction overcomes any conservative impulse toward moralism and helps to keep the United States out of war.
Note that Crew pits Christian faith against "moralism."