Ban cloning?
Posted by aogMonday, 30 December 2002 at 21:44 TrackBack Ping URL
Instantman has a post against prohibiting cloning where he says
I keep waiting for some clear explanation of why cloning is so awful that it must be banned, but nothing I've heard really gets much past the "it gives me the willies" argument.
As far as I can see, cloning is an untested, risky, medical experiment performed on a child. In contrast to the thimerosal controversy that's been in heavy rotation, where it's not clear that there were significant medical risks from the treatment, not only is cloning untested on humans, it's not even close to fully tested in animals and what tests have been done indicate that severe health defects for the clone are likely. Knowing this, it's difficult for me to see how any moral person could not violently object to this kind of medical experimentation on children. As a lawyer, think about the implications for a "wrongful life" lawsuit.

As I mentioned earlier, it's not just about controlling one's own cells - if another person is created, it's about what happens to that person as well.

UPDATE: Pejman has a number of links that explore this from the same angle I do, but with better lyrics.

  • Ronald Bailey , an anti-prohibitionist, has the same doubts as I do. [source]
  • David Frum comments on the fact that very few cloning advocates actually want to have the clones born. [source]