Reading Andrew Sullivan
Posted by aogMonday, 25 November 2002 at 15:15 TrackBack Ping URL

I have to comment on some items in the Daily Dish (closest perma link).

First, Sullivan says

the fusion of the multi-culti left and the medieval religious right - a fusion that threatens the very future of a free and democratic Europe
I have to go with Orin Judd on this one, and say you can't threaten something that's already dieing. Like AIDS, this is just an opportunistic disease of underlying failure of the immune system. Sullivan then points out the bizarre relationship between western liberals and the Calipharians:
What would they [Calipharians] do to women who live sexual lives of their own choosing or gay men who do not live in fear or shame is obvious: we would be exterminated. Got that? That's why it's simply incredible to me that socially liberal Americans do not find this war to be of paramount concern
Sullivan then quotes a long tract from the alledged "letter from Osama" about how America is a nation of sexual deviance, using Clinton as the prime example. Sullivan says
If a domestic member of the Christian right had said this, the Left would be all over them. But when Islamists say it, we look the other way
I think that Sullivan's right that Falwell and Swaggart have said roughly the same thing as this particular quote and been pounded for it by the same people who wave this off.

I don't know if this letter is really from Osama bin Laden, but I don't think it matters. If his followers believe it, as they appear to, it might as well be true from our point of view - the actual provenance is irrelevant (at points I wonder if it isn't a too clever by half parody). As for the western liberals who don't see a problem, I wonder if this is because the danger is not real to them, secure in their belief that it can't happen here. It's like the "artists" who "transgress" - what they enjoy is the same safe thrill. For isn't supporting the Calipharians roughly the same thing (and same level of intelligence) as most transgressive "art" - opposition for the sake of opposition, an attack "middle America"? Or is it that as the Left collapses, its dreams of a perfect society leaving death and decay across the planet, there is a a feeling of "let it burn" - apres moi, le deluge?