Senator Paul Wellstone
Posted by aogThursday, 31 October 2002 at 10:27

Here's a roundup on Senator Wellstone's death. I wasn't going to post on this at all out of respect for the dead, but after what's happened I consider it open season.

Howard Kurtz weighs in on the subject. The Brothers Judd take their full bore shots . Instantman comments here and here while Coldfury fires away. Bill Quick's take and a A stiff drink from the Vodka Pundit . Each of these has good cross links as well.

It's the end of the Democratic transformation into a banana-republic political gang. It's complete.

UPDATE: Some other good links.

Michelle has an excellent picture from the service.

James Lileks has some choicecomments as well.

An article by Christopher Caldwell via the Brothers Judd.

And the also apropos Mark Steyn.