Does cynicism wrap?
Posted by aogSunday, 13 October 2002 at 22:51 TrackBack Ping URL

I never thought that I'd agree with a statement uttered by Hillary Clinton, but this post at &c makes me side with HRC against &c. HRC may have in fact been being slick in the Clinton style, but her statement is still reasonable and something I agree with - a firm, unequivocal stand by the US for using military force if needed will reduce the chance of war in the short and long term. In case &c hasn't noticed, we are already at war with both the Calipharians and Iraq. Nothing the Senate can do will change the probability of events that have already occurred. The Senate could have voted to surrender, but I believe that that would make war more likely or (more accurately) more likely to last longer. Even The New Republic doesn't seem to understand the ancient dictum, "If you would have peace, prepare for war".