A different sort of war
Posted by aogSaturday, 19 October 2002 at 17:39 TrackBack Ping URL

When I look at the Bali massacre and the economic fallout of it (see here or here or here ), I think we have to consider the different aims and goals of the Calipharians vs. the Communists during the Cold War. In the latter the Communists were somewhat constrained because while they hated the ideals of the West, they liked the results. They wanted what we had. In fact their continued existence in power to some extent depended on the economic vitality of the West. This was a painful contradiction, as that same vitality undermined their rule, but the underlying point is that if the Communists could have just taken over our existing society, that would have been a great victory.

The Calipharians are different. They do not want our goods, our wealth. Such things undermine directly (and not by comparison) their claim to power. If the economic level of the entire planet reverted to the 10th or 11th century AD, I doubt the Calipharians would view that as a problem. They use modern technology but have no real love of it. Calipharians use cell phones they way they use freedom of speech - a handy tool, but to be disposed of once victory is achieved. This makes our present enemy far more sanguine about massive economic destruction than our adversaries of the Cold War. In fact, they may well view it as serving their purposes. We would do well to keep that in mind.