I just don't understand
Posted by aogSunday, 22 September 2002 at 20:40

The wife made me go to a Sweet Honey in the Rock concert the other night. It was good except for some political posturing about the upcoming war with Iraq. I found that quite fascinating, since they had other sections about the evils of slavery in the US and the glory of fighting for the Union during the US Civil War. Yet is not every person except Hussein effectively a slave on the Iraq plantation? Yet apparently it’s wrong to save Iraqis from that kind of oppression. One might argue that it’s not our responsibility but I can’t see how it is morally wrong. Many slaves were killed or hurt during the Civil War but no one argues that fighting to free them was wrong on that account. It was particularly jarring to think of that as they did a very stirring rendition of an alternate version of the Battle Hymn of the Republic by Sojourner Truth. Do they not listen to their own music?