Posted by aogMonday, 30 September 2002 at 19:09 TrackBack Ping URL

I think that Steven Den Beste is being a bit disingenuous in his diatribe against the EU-nicks. Someone as widely read as he is must be aware of the steady and apparently oblivious encroachment on Britianís civil rights in their unwritten constitution (as is frequently commented on here). If the EU-nicks are so cavalier about the rights of citizens of a member state, itís difficult to see why they would care about those of the USA.

I think itís not so much that the EU-nicks donít get how important the US Constitution but that they do not understand why the conflicts matter to us. As someone else said, the standard European response to a treaty or international agreement is to sign it and forget it (such as here or here). I think the EU-nicks expect us to sign the ICC and then horse trade or politic out of any actual sticky situations. Itís what theyíll do. So why not put up the faÁade of agreement? Interestingly enough, this concept was brought up in this post.